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2012 is the Year For Travel Nurse Positions

While the economic recovery has not reached every job sector, registered nurses continue to be in high demand. Travel nurses are no exception to this rule. According to The Occupational Outlook Handbook, RNs hold the largest number of jobs in the health-care sector, about 2.6 million. They are also very highly paid and enjoy excellent benefits.

Demand for nurses is expected to continue to rise, especially as the new provisions of health care reform are activated. Because of this rapid growth, some employers are not able to recruit enough nurses, so this results in a high demand for travel nurses who will work full or part time for a few months.

The acute need for travel nurses with qualifications in obstetric and infant care is expected to continue to climb. Labor and delivery and PICU (pediatric intensive care) nurses are in exceptionally high demand. Traditional travel nurse positions such as ER, pediatrics, ICU and surgery also continue to enjoy high demand.

Travel nursing is a unique occupation that offers many benefits, not least of which is the option to work anywhere and enjoy the new area on days off. A nurse who has dreamed of traveling to other parts of the world can see the sites without spending a dime of her own money. Assignments include free private housing and utilities, usually in a condo or a luxury apartment. All the details of travel to a new location are taken care of, including turning on the utilities.


Travel nurses can tap into very attractive pay rates and other incentives. Because companies compete to recruit the best talent available, they are willing to offer the wages and benefits that will attract well-qualified nurses. Traveling nurses command one of the highest pay rates among health care professions, and pay continues to rise.

Relocation expenses are reimbursed, usually at the rate of 20 cents a mile or better. Travel nursing companies offer excellent medical coverage and retirement programs.

Continuing education is a must in this rapidly advancing profession, so most companies offer free or low-cost classes and credits. Other incentives offered to encourage nurses to stay with a company may include discounted gym memberships, luggage, cell phones, scrubs and pay phones as well as cash bonuses.

To get the best in benefits and choices, contact a travel nurse recruiter. The recruiter will interview the nurse and determine preferences for location and perks, as well as qualifications and experience. A nurse wanting to enhance her resume would benefit from the services of a recruiter knowledgeable about openings that are a good fit for the individual.

A traveling nurse can get the best of all worlds. Take the opportunity to explore a new location while building your professional skills and resume. What could be better than going to choice areas of the world at the same time you draw a hefty paycheck and build your career? Travel nurse jobs can help to fulfill dreams of travel and career building. Call a recruiter today and take advantage of the best that travel nursing has to offer.

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